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6 Interesting Facts About Rope Relics In Tomb Raider King

For fans of the Tomb Raider King manhwa, fans must be familiar with the relic that Seo Joo-Heon now owns, namely Rope. Rope is a fairly prominent relic where he is often used by Seo Joo-Heon in his various adventures. In fact, without any orders, this relic is also able to help its master on its own initiative you know! What an amazing and loyal relic, right? As the title implies, on this occasion, we will discuss about interesting facts about this relic called rope. Immediately, here are interesting facts about the Rope relic in Tomb Raider King! 1. Rope was originally owned by Abe Kiyoshi. Rope was originally a relic owned by Abe Kiyoshi, a relic digger from Japan, who worked with TKBM. After his meeting with Seo Joo-Heon, Abe experienced the unlucky fate where he finally lost the relic, wrong one is a rope relic (As the name suggests, this relic is a rope) .2. Rope relic comes from Korean folklore. This relic comes from a Korean folk tale entitled "The Brother and Sister Who Became the Sun and the Moon." It tells of a tiger who kills his mother to get more rice cakes. . And finally tried to kill the brothers, but they were saved by a rope that fell from heaven. 3. The most loyal relic to Seo Joo-HeonRope is the most loyal relic of Seo Joo-Heon. Whatever orders from his master, Rope immediately obeyed. Not only that, when his master was in danger, without even being ordered, he immediately protected him on his own initiative. Not afraid of other relics whose level is above this Relic is not tied or doesn't really care about the rank or rank of other relics. In fact, Rope bravely fought Jin Chae Won's top tier relic, Gluttony relic, which is one of the highest leaders of the artifact. 5. The first relic that was introduced was able to rank up After becoming a relic that was loyal to its master, the rope that was originally a rank C relic changed to Rank B, its appearance turned silver. After daring to oppose the highest leader of the artifact, Gluttony Relic, the Rope evolved. again from what was originally Rank B to rank S. When he became rank S, Rope's appearance turned golden color. With this, Rope is a relic that was first introduced to be able to level up in the story, even up to twice. Has an adorable human form change So loyal, Rope wants to always be close to his master. Therefore, he tried to do anything for him. Due to the profocation of Daji's relics, Rope wanted to become a human so that his master would always be happy with him. Even though rank S, rope was not pure rank S, so he could not turn into a human at first, so he did not However, thanks to the help of his relic friends, Worm and Seth, Rope is finally able to transform into a human by using a pearl shell relic whose history was taken from a mermaid who turned into a human. turns out to be very beautiful, funny and adorable. Those are 6 interesting facts about Rope in Tomb Raider King. Also read: Beautiful! This is the Human Form of the Crow Relic of Seo Joo-Heon in Tomb Raider King

Beautiful! This Is The Human Form Of The Crow Relic Seo Joo-heon In Tomb Raider King

Crow or in Indonesian means crow is a relic of SS rank (grade: God) obtained by Seo Joo-Heon when he was on the verge of death when faced with a terrible giant snake. More precisely, it was the relic that chose Seo Joo-Heon. With Seo Joo-Heon being chosen by the crow's relic, Seo Joo-Heon found himself going to the past to repeat his life. Not wanting to be miserable like he used to be, Seo Joo-Heon started the search for relics earlier so that events in his future first would harm him and his team does not repeat itself. With the help of crow relics, and his past memories in the future, he finally started his adventure looking for relics earlier than the others. Talking about crow relics, it turns out that this relic has a change in human form that is very beautiful and fascinating. This human being himself has been revealed through the novel, in full, his form can be seen by fans below: The human form of the crow relic of Seo Joo-Heon Tomb Raider King Before choosing Seo Joo-Heon as its current owner, this crow relic was previously owned by someone else who was not unknown name. It's just that this person is said to have died because of being trapped by others. The crow rails themselves have extraordinary abilities, one of which is to send someone to the past with intact memories, as experienced by Seo Joo-Heon, its current owner. About history this time, according to Seo Joo-Heon, this relic is a relic that was once a crow owned by Odin, the memory crow. In its history, Odin himself is said to have appreciated wisdom as the ruler of northern European mythology. He has two crows that collect news around the world every day and report to him. One is called Huginn, which means mind, and the other is Muninn, which means memory. As the story progresses, Seo Joo-Heon's crow relic also gives a gift to Seo Joo-Heon for his achievements, the gift is a mysterious relic which turns out to be Odin's Crow, Muninn's Tears consumption-type with a 10x usage limit. Odin's Crow, Muninn's Tears (Odin Crow, Muninn's Tears) Any drops used can awaken memories when in the future first. Drops do not have to be drunk , but can be splashed on the face of a person or target, just as Seo Joo-Heon had previously done to his friend. With the relic that he found very useful, Seo Joo-Heon specifically intended to use this relic to awaken the memories of his team members. in the future first.

Sinopsis Tenkuu Shinpan (high-rise Invasion)

Tenkuu Shinpan or also known as High-Rise Invasion is a manga series written by Tsuina Miura and drawn by Takahiro Oba. This series has made its debut online in the Manga Box DeNA application from December 2013 to March 2019, with Kodansha compiling it into 21 tankĊbon volume. After the manga ended in 2019, the series was finally announced to have an anime adaptation produced by Zero-G and scheduled to air worldwide on Netflix in February 2021. Also read: The face of the Sniper Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan Revealed, Turns Out So Handsome! Genre: horror , survival, action, mystery. Synopsis: Yuri Honjo, a high school teenage girl accidentally sent to another very mysterious world after seeing an alien tower appear in her original normal world. After Yuri was sent to that world, she had various terrible experiences where the Smiling Mask wearer chases an existing human to be killed. Yuri finally also experiences a firsthand experience when he is being chased by the wearer of the mask. While being chased by the Smiling Mask wearer, Yuri also realizes that the place where himself is on top of the building, and each building is connected to each other via a bridge g antung. Apart from Yuri, her older brother, Rika Honjo, was also sent to that world, it's just that she was in a different building. Rika told Yuri over a cell phone call not to commit suicide like most people do when they first arrived there remembering if someone commits suicide or dies, then that person will really die because the world is reality, aka not a dream, hallucination or illusion. Yuri finally believes her brother's words and plans to meet somewhere. Along his journey, Yuri finally met with good comrades in arms like Mayuko Nise, Kuon Shinzaki and others. They all together intend to end the system created by the administrator, who turns out to be the mastermind behind all the gruesome murders in this strange world (High-Rise realm). Read also: 4 Types of Mask (Mask) in Tenkuu Shinpan

Yuri Honjo And Rika Honjo Are Not Siblings And Are Not Related By Blood - Tenkuu Shinpan

On this occasion, we will discuss about characters who are certainly familiar fans. This character is Yuri Honjo! Yuri Honjo is the main protagonist in the Tenkuu Shinpan series or also known as the High Rise Invasion. Since he accidentally saw a tower that suddenly appeared in his present world, without his knowledge he was finally sent to a strange world that referred to as the High-Rise realm where every building is connected via a bridge. In this strange world, he saw various unorthodox horrific things where a Smiling Mask figure was chasing humans and killing them. In fact, the horror was also experienced by Yuri herself, which made her inevitably keep running to avoid this figure. Also read: The face of the Sniper Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan Revealed, Turns Out So Handsome! the. Apart from Yuri, it turns out that her older sister Rika Honjo was also sent there after seeing a suspicious tower appear in their normal world. Rika also advised Yuri not to panic or end herself by committing suicide considering that when she died, everything really ended because this was not an illusion or a dream. Because that was the case, Yuri finally believed her brother's words. Oh yes, talking about Yuri's older sister named Rika Honjo, it turns out that she is not her real brother because in fact Rika doesn't have blood ties to Yuri or the Honjo family. Why is that? Because Yuri Honjo's sister, Rika, is a child adopted from another family who has died. Before having the name Rika Honjo, Yuri's older sister named Rika Makoto. Rika Makoto himself is the younger brother of Yuka Makoto, and Yuka Makoto is a Smiling Mask user who has the expertise as a sniper until he is finally dubbed the Sniper Mask. end, especially in the manga, Yuri finally realized this. In fact, he even mentioned his older brother with the full name of the old family, Rika Makoto. Also read: 4 Types of Mask (Mask) in Tenkuu Shinpan

Rika And Yuka (sniper Mask) Are Siblings! - Tenkuu Shinpan

This surprising fact was finally revealed in the Tenkuu Shinpan series or also known as High Rise Invasion. For fans who don't know about it, fans don't need to worry because in this article we will discuss it. As the title implies, Rika Honjo or better known as Yuri Honjo's older brother turns out to be. is the sibling of Sniper Mask with the real name Yuka Makoto! To be precise, Yuka Makoto is Rika's older brother. For your information, Rika's name was Rika Makoto. Since Rika was adopted by the Honjo family, she finally had her full name Rika Honjo and lived as the older brother of Yuri Honjo, the main protagonist in the Tenkuu Shinpan series. which includes Yuka and Rika, it's just that Yuka offers suggestions as well as other options that she considers a cooler way for them to take. Yuka feels that she and her sister will not depend on each other if they choose this option. Therefore, each of them will slowly become a strong person with their own life while apart. Hearing this suggestion and choice, Honjo's father who was listening finally appreciated the decision they had made until finally only Rika was adopted by the family. Honjo while his brother seems to have been adopted by another family. In addition, since the appearance of the mysterious tower that exists in the present world, they have finally met again even though it is in reality in the world or the High-Rise realm. Not happiness, their initial meeting was quite sad where Yuka turned out to be controlled by the Smiling Mask program who had extraordinary skills as a sniper. Because of that, he is now known as the Sniper Mask. After a crack in his mask, the Sniper Mask, whose consciousness was initially controlled, finally slowly began to be able to control it. Over time, he was finally able to meet his younger brother again. Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan Revealed, Turns Out Really Handsome!

These 5 Anime Characters Have Mouths In Their Hands, One Of Them Is Deidara!

Characters in an anime, manga or novel are usually told to have their own uniqueness whether it's in terms of shape, nature, behavior and much more. Even so unique, sometimes there are anime characters who have a mouth in their hands and several other body parts. . Oops! horrified too. Who are the characters? Here they are! 1. DeidaraWho doesn't know this character, Deidara is one of the characters who is quite famous in the Naruto series because of his love for explosions, to the point that he reveals that \ Art is an explosion \. assigned to find the Bijuu contained in the Jinchuriki along with other members, namely Sasori. After Sasori's death, he was assigned with Tobi. Speaking of Deidara, besides having expertise in explosive styles, this character is quite unique in that he has a mouth on both palms of his hands. For some reason, the characteristic mouth on the palm of the hand is inherent like the hallmark of Deidara's own character. 2. Itadori Yuji Itadori Yuji is the main protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. After he ate Sukuna's finger, Yuji finally merged with him. Interestingly from this character, after eating Sukuna's finger, Yuji was able to control his consciousness. Sukuna, who knew this, was also surprised and annoyed. In the story, Sukuna sometimes annoys Yuji by bringing up his mouth on his palms, cheeks and other parts of his body. This is also a way for him to communicate with other living things, as in the example in episode 2 where Sukuna raises his mouth on Yuji's cheek to talk to Satoru Gojo. Also read: 8 Anime Characters With the Longest Rapal Kick 3. Enmu Apart from Deidara and Itadori Yuji, Enmu, one of the antagonists in Kimetsu no Yaiba, also has the same unique appearance where there is a mouth on his hand. Unlike Deidara who is on the palm of his hand, the mouth on Enmu's hand is on the back of the palm. Enmu's character once featured in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 26 and in Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen. 4. Kibutsuji Muzan Still with the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, besides Enmu, there are also other characters who have unique, even more extreme appearances. He is the main antagonist in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, Kibutsuji Muzan. Apart from all over his hands, Kibutsuji Muzan in fighting mode is also shown to have a mouth on his two legs. Even when pressed, his body is also able to spit out a mouth like an evil demon with his sharp teeth. Shinichi IzumiShinichi Izumi is the main protagonist of the Parasyte series. He is a 17 year old high school student who is infected by a mysterious alien known only as the Parasite in his right hand. The parasite later named Migi is not hostile to Shinichi but will do anything to survive and not let Shinichi harm him. Shinichi's independence from parasites and his emotional retention caused the other Parasites to see him as a threat. He and Migi eventually had to defend themselves against another Parasite's attack. Fortunately, their independent thinking and ability to work as a team gave them a tactical advantage over normal Parasites. Yaps! As it looks like, this character is also quite unique and interesting because it has a mouth in its hand. When fighting mode, his hand can turn into a sharp weapon. That's 5 anime, manga and novel characters who are said to have mouths in their hands. Also read: 10 Interesting Facts about Rachel in the Tower of God

The Face Of The Sniper Mask In Tenkuu Shinpan Was Revealed, It Turns Out To Be Really Handsome!

As the story progresses, Yuri is told to meet a Smiling Mask wearer who is called a Sniper Mask considering that he is equipped with firearms and extraordinary shooting abilities like a sniper. In the story, Yuri has been shown twice facing a Sniper Mask who told as an opponent at first. When the mask worn by the Sniper Mask slightly cracked, it turned out to be in his favor where he slowly began to gain consciousness even though his memory was still a little vague. In addition, thanks to his meeting with Kuon, Sniper Mask is now on the same side with Yuri and others. They together want to destroy the system in the High-Rise realm and stop the mask-wearing masks who kill humans sent there. Talking about the Sniper Mask, it turns out that behind his mask, he has a pretty handsome face. More fans can see him below: As fans have seen above, he is shown to have a wound under his left eye, even though he still looks handsome and doesn't lose his cool side. Apart from his face, other interesting facts related to him slowly It has also been revealed in detail in the manga, which includes his name and past which turns out to be related to Yuri's brother. Also read: Sniper Mask's real name and a glimpse of his past revealed - Tenkuu Shinpan

Sniper Mask's Real Name And A Glimpse Of His Past Are Revealed - Tenkuu Shinpan

After fans know the true face of the Sniper Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan, fans must also be curious about his real name and past. Yaps! Behind the mask, the Sniper Mask turns out to have a real name and a past that is related to Yuri's sister Rika Honjo. Oh yes, apart from being called the Sniper Mask, he is also sometimes referred to as Mr. Sniper (sniper master) by Kuon, the person closest to him in the High-Rise realm. After Kuon Shinzaki's \ death, Sniper Mask finally received power from him and became one of the candidates who approached god (became god) and helped Yuri and the others in destroying the ruthless system that exists in the High-Rise realm. Meanwhile, the real name of Sniper Mask / Mr. Sniper is also revealed! Sniper Mask's real name is Yuka Makoto. He is the older brother of Rika Honjo. Very surprising, isn't it? To discuss their past a little, Rika is actually the adopted sister of the Honjo family, that's why Rika ended up becoming Yuri Honjo's older sister. That said, Rika and Yuri didn't have any blood ties. Rika's family name before adoption was Rika Makoto. He is the younger brother of Yuka Makoto (Sniper Mask). Both of them actually want to be adopted by the Honjo family, it's just that Yuka has another decision which she considers the coolest choice where she chooses a path that is more difficult than easy, where they can become strong without depending on each other. Respecting their decision, Honjo's father ended up just adopting Rika as a new member of his family, while Yuka was adopted by another family. Until now they stick to their life in a cool way (in a cool way) considering that the choice they both made to be strong together. After being separated, they finally met again in the realm of High-Rise. (Also read: 4 Types of Mask (Mask) in Tenkuu Shinpan

Here Are The 5 Default Commands For Certain Masks In Tenkuu Shinpan

Since this series began, Tenkuu Shinpan or also known as High-Rise Invasion presents a scary phenomenon where masked people hunt ordinary humans to be killed sadistically. Even though it seems quite scary, sometimes the hunt is not because of the willingness of mask users. itself. Some mask users, especially ordinary Smiling Mask, are forced to hunt and chase humans because of the commands contained in the mask. For humans who accidentally find a Smiling Mask that has not been used, and see the back, they automatically will be manipulated by the mask and inevitably they become part of the Smiling Mask wearer and attack people, especially those weak humans, who have just landed in the High-Rise realm. As information, there are some innate commands contained in Certain mask in Tenkuu Shinpan, whatever it is ? 1. Despair Command (Command of Despair) The command of Despair aims to tell the wearer to cause despair in humans so that those who are attacked by wearing masks will lose hope and want to commit suicide by jumping from the top of a tall building. In essence, this command aims to give despair to the target so that they want to kill self. This command is usually contained in the Smiling Mask wearer. If someone intends to commit suicide, a mask wearing mask will not kill them or allow them (the target) to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the building. After the target jumps from the top of the building, the Smiling Mask user will see it to make sure they really have jump and die. 2. Murder Command When the 'Order of Despair' does not work, the mask will receive another command, the Murder Command. This command is only active when humans show no sign of despair or are about to jump from the top of the building. In general, the Murder Command usually appears for Smiling Mask users. However, this command is sometimes also found in the Angry Mask. It's just that Angry Mask is more selective and can freely act according to his own consciousness or ignore certain points. It can be said that Angry Mask only kills those who approach God (almost become God) and threaten the High Rise realm according to the duties of the administrator. . Suicide Command (Suicide Command) When the wearer of the mask takes off their mask for a long time or when their mask is broken, the 'Suicide Command' is activated which makes them inevitably end their life by committing suicide. In the story, this command is shown. only active on Smiling Mask users. Even so, there are several solutions so that they can be saved from the Suicide Order. What are the solutions? One way is to allow them to be manipulated or freed by Faceless Mask users. 4. Hibernate Command In case of a broken mask where multiple commands overlap and fail to work, and the user becomes uncontrollable by refusing, Hibernation is forcibly executed. This gradually suspends the live activities of the wearer to kill it within two weeks. This is a mandatory program to remove disabled Angels. The Hibernation Command applies to Smiling Mask users, and not to Angry Masks. Even if the Angry Mask masks are destroyed, they will not receive a Hibernation Order or a Suicide Order. 5. Protect Command Unlike the Smiling Mask wearer who regularly attacks humans viciously. The Angry Mask will not attack a human unless they sense their hostility or life's effort activating the Command of Protection, the command to kill that human. Not only that, the Protection Order will also activate when there are people who are close to god (almost becoming gods) in the High-Rise Realm. Because of the Administrator's fear, they will usually be given this order to protect the High-Rise realm and kill them. Therefore, Angry Mask users are also called Guardian Angels. Also read: 4 Types of Masks in Tenkuu Shinpan

Oh My! Here Are 2 Anime That Are Often Recommended By Naughty Wibu

When talking about anime, for those of you fans who read this article, among them must have had lots of anime references with various genres that have been watched. Even so, for new anime connoisseurs, aka people who have just known or liked anime, are looking for something anime to watch next sometimes becomes a difficulty for them. Therefore, sometimes they ask for recommendations in several groups or communities with the aim of asking for recommendations on what anime is worth watching in a certain genre. Unfortunately, when new anime lovers ask for recommendations from old connoisseurs They sometimes even recommend anime titles with unexpected genres, including the following 2 anime titles that are the most frequently recommended by these naughty naughty wibu. Boku no Pico Boku no Pico is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) shotacon produced by Natural High. Described as \ the world's first shotacon anime \ by its producers, it was marketed primarily to attract male audiences of Japanese shotacon. The series consists of three episodes of the OVA and an edited version of the first episode. The series also spawned one-shot manga, computer games, and music video albums. Due to the high cost of producing anime, the characters and contents are tested intensively before production begins. The funny thing is, this series also gained a special following in Anglosphere after a viral video titled \ Don't watch an Anime Called Boku \ was posted on YouTube around 2010. Also read: 10 Interesting Facts about Yuri Zahard in Tower of God2. Overflow Overflow is an adult anime series based on the manga by Kaiduka with the title Overflow: Iretara Ofureru Kyoudai no Kimochi. Anime Overflow itself is an adult romantic comedy story whose story centers on a male student, Kazushi Sudo and his childhood friend, Ayane Shirakawa. and Kotone Shirakawa. The story starts with strange and unexpected circumstances. Even though it initially seems like an ordinary anime in general, this anime has many scenes that are not worth watching for those who are still underage. So, if you have a younger brother who likes anime and is underage, please stay away from the anime title. Conclusion For new anime lovers, for those of you who get recommendations for the two anime that we have mentioned above from old anime connoisseurs or fans. wibu lama, you should be careful or just skip and look for other anime recommendations. Apart from the two anime above, actually there are still others, but the ones that are most often recommended by naughty wibu who are fun are the two anime mentioned above. Also read: 7 Anime Characters \ I'm Really Like Wibu!

3 Films That Inspired The Anime The Day I Became A God (kamisama Ni Natta Hi)

The Day I Became a God or also known as Kamisama ni Natta Hi is a fall 2020 anime series produced by PA Work. This anime story was written by Jun Maeda, a person who is famous for his previous works including Charlotte and Angel Beats! Anime The Day I Became a God (Kamisama ni Natta Hi), this anime is proven to present a quite refreshing storyline and comedy. In addition, in episode 2, there are also several scenes that were inspired by three famous films. The three famous films include: Also read: What is the First, Second, Third, Fourth Generation in Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai)? 1. Armageddon In the anime The Day Became a God episode 2, Sora Narukami is told to have the task of making a film during summer vacation, therefore, he needs his brother to help him. While helping his younger brother, Youta uses this excuse to approach Izanami according to Hina Satou's advice. (Odin). In the filming of the script made by Hina Satou, especially the first scene, Youta is shown acting as the main character. Interestingly, it turns out that the scene was inspired by the film Armageddon with a refreshing comedy touch where Izanami didn't seem to know that they were acting and simply answered. Meanwhile, Sora is very happy with the results, even though her brother forbids her to be further worked on or collected. 2. Rocky After showing off a scene inspired by the film Armageddon, this anime again shows a scene whose story is inspired by the movie Rocky. Youta is shown acting, he collides with his friend while his father acts as a referee. Still as an innocent girl, Izanami appears like he doesn't know what they're doing. Like the first scene which was considered a failure, the second scene also failed where Izanami answered all of the acting with the answer as it is. On the other hand, Sora was again happy with the results obtained from taking the second video scene this time. Even so, again her brother still forbid him to be worked on further or collected because his brother was embarrassed by the scene that was taken. 3. Edward Scissorhands After both scenes failed, Hina again suggested another thing where Youta was dressed as a person wearing a unique costume. Hina reveals that Youta will act as an artificial human in the next scene. Seeing her brother in that costume, Sora is shown to be very happy and amazed. If you look closely, the costume is inspired by the famous film titled Edward Scissorhands. However, just like the first and second scenes, the third scene also failed to make Youta closer to Izanami. The difference is, the third scene fails faster than the first and second scenes. Those are the three films that inspired the anime series The Day I Became a God (Kamisama ni Natta Hi). Also read: Total Episode Anime Kami-sama ni Natta Hi (The Day I Became a God) Announced

Nanao Nakajima Is Still Alive! - Munou Na Nana (talentless Nana)

Nanao Nakajima is a character who was first introduced in the first episode of the anime Munou na Nana or also known as Talentless Nana. This character is told as a character who is very kind and loving until finally deceived by Nana Hiiragi, a new classmate who approached her recently While together with him, Nanao Nakajima was pushed from the edge of a cliff until he finally fell with an unknown status. After the incident, fans began to wonder about Nanao Nakajima's status regarding whether he was still alive or not. All these questions finally began to begin. missed in the manga. Also read: Not Reading Thoughts, Nana Hiiragi Actually Doesn't Have Super Powers - Munou na Nana (Talentless Nana) Nanao Nakajima Is Still Alive! Nanao Nakajima, who had been thought dead by his friends, was still alive. This was revealed in the manga Munou na Nana (Talentless Nana) Chapter 48. After the incident, he was found dying by Tsuruoka and finally taken for medical treatment. Even so, Tsuruoka actually had his own bad intentions. The point is that he intends to take advantage of Nanao like he used Nana Hiiragi as a killing tool for talented people who have previously had super powers. When Nana Hiiragi does not intend to be a murderer anymore and turns into a good character, Nanao Nakajima turns into an antagonist who assigned to exterminate talented people. Over time, Nanao Nakajima has a slightly different appearance from the previous one, aka he became more ferocious with his long hair. Fans need to know, Nanao Nakajima is a character who really knows about his own abilities, which he can negate the abilities of others who have super talents. Not only that, he also realizes that he can neutralize human cognitive abilities in general. , he can also erase (negate) the fear of others with his superhuman abilities, like he did to Hikaru. Meanwhile, Nana Hiiragi, as the perpetrator who once pushed Nanao Nakajima to fall now feels grateful knowing that Nanao Nakajima is still alive. This he knew for the first time from someone who had super talent to imitate other people and their strengths. If someone is able to imitate Nanao Nakajima, it will prove that he is still alive. (That person cannot imitate other people who have died) Nanao Hiiragi also feels relieved, on the other hand, he also feels sad if Nanao Nakajima cannot forgive his mistakes so far. In the near future, the two are likely to meet in person. Although actually in the manga Munou na Nana (Talentless Nana) chapter 49, Nanao seems to have appeared hitting Nana from behind with a certain tool. But unfortunately, his appearance was only limited to a silhouette. Read also: Total Episode Anime Talentless Nana (Munou na Nana) Revealed