Who Is The Woman Who Sat Beside The Koala During The Revolutionary Army Meeting In One Piece Episode 880?

Recently, Episode one piece chapter 880 has been released (14/4) and features many surprises, one of which is the movement of the Revolutionary Army. Who Is the Woman Sitting Next to the Koala at the Revolutionary Army Meeting? The Revolutionary Army finally had a new base, namely in Kamabakka, where many Okama were there. it was thought to be a safe place for the headquarters of the revolutionary forces. During a Revolutionary Army meeting, Belo Betty, Karasu, Lindbergh, and Morley are still on their way because they have to take care of the pirates who screw up. On the other side of the meeting, there is a mysterious woman who sits next to Koala in One Piece Episode 880, who do you think she is? even in One Piece chapter 904 he shouldn't have an alias yet to appear. One Piece Episode 880 Calm down, it turns out that he might indeed be a member of the Revolutionary army too. he was also featured in One Piece Chapter 905, which is likely to be shown in One Piece episode 881 again. the name itself is not yet known. there are several members of the other revolutionary forces also shown but not yet named. One Piece chapter 905

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