Lyrics And Translation Of The Song Ami Sakaguchi - Lion (ost Opening Runway De Waratte)

Runway De Waratte or in English entitled Smile Down the Runway (Smile at the Runway) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kotoba Inoya. The manga was first published in a magazine called Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine Kodansha in May 2017. Anime Runway de Waratte Not only the manga version, the Runway De Waratte series has finally gotten its anime adaptation which was released for the first time on January 11, 2020. (Done in a studio that named Ezo'la, the studio used to work on the anime Sounan Desu Ka?) The Runway De Warette anime centers on the main characters named Chiyuki Fujito andikuto Tsumura, who each have dreams they want to realize. In summary, it is like this: \ Chiyuki Fujito has a dream to become a Paris Collection model. The problem was, she was too short to be a model, and everyone around her told her she was! But no matter what they say, he won't give up. His classmate, a poor student namedikuto Tsumura, also has a dream of becoming a fashion designer. One day Chiyuki andikuto met who made their problems finally resolved thanks to their high will and never gave up. Chiyuki andikuto are one step ahead to achieve their dreams \ The opening song of this anime was performed by Ami Sakaguchi with a song entitled \ Lion \, while the ending or ending song was performed by J-JUN with a song entitled \ Ray of Light \. On this occasion, we will also provide information regarding the lyrics and translations of the Indonesian song from the Opening of the anime Runway de Waratte, performed by Ame Sakaguchi entitled Lion. In full, here is the information: Lyrics and Song Translation Ami Sakaguchi - Lion (OST Opening Runway De Waratte) watashi wo waraitobashita kage wo kaze ga waraitobasu hi wo matou yumemita ano basho made mabayui hikari ni omowazu me wo tojiru shisen ga hakobu kotoba wa wakatteru ni naritai no? sono tabi yes ni naru to itta kimi mo fumidashitan da ne tsumazuitemo furatsuitemo kukitsuite kitan da imi wo tou yori hibiku kodou chanto iki wo shiteru watashi wo waraitobashita kage wo kaze ga waraitobasu hi wo naru namida ga afurete yu dame ni wo naru asu ga matou yume miteta ano basho made watashi no michi wo aruite Indonesian translation: The shadow that laughs at me Waiting to be blown away by the wind Up to my dream place I accidentally closed my eyes in the sparkle of light But I know your words from your eyes What are your dreams? when you don't like it you say that you have stepped forward Even though I fell, humiliated, swallowed by circumstances I still breathe strong without asking meaning The shadow that laughs at me Waiting to be blown away When I cry and can't do anything, I wait for the courage to go tomorrow Until the place of my dreams, I will still walk my path of life

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