The 5 Best Opening Songs For The Winter 2020 Anime

Yosh! Hello everyone! On this happy occasion, we will reveal the 4 best opening songs for Anime Winter 2020 selected from 5 Best Opening Songs for Anime Winter 2020 As we know, the Winter anime has started airing since January 2020 in Japan and streamed in several other countries. Not only that, some Winter anime has opening / OST opening songs that are very good and nice to listen to. After listening to several OST Opening for Winter 2020 anime, finally we have chosen 5 best songs to represent all OST Opening anime Winter 2020 this time. The 5 best opening songs for Chapteria's Winter 2020 anime include: 5. Sora Amamiya - PARADOX (OST Opening Rikekoi) In fifth place is the Paradox song performed by Sora Amamiya for the anime Rikekoi. Anime Rikekoi itself is a romantic comedy anime where both partners want to prove that falling in love can be proven by scientific means and it is known by numbers. Anime Rikekoi also began to attract quite a lot of enthusiasts because of the funny and interesting stories. 4. Asca (Asuka Ōkura) - Chain (OST Opening Darwin's Game) In fourth place is Asuka Okura or also known as Asca. Asca in the anime Darwin's Game itself delivered the opening song with a song called Chain. The song sounds simple, but it's nice to listen to. Besides that, the visuals of this opening song also made this opening come alive with the nuances of the survival game. 3. Uso to Chameleon - Mononoke in the Fiction (OST Opening In Specter / Kyokou Suiri In the third place, there is a song called Mononoke in the Fiction performed by Uso to Chameleon for the anime In Specter / Kyokou Suiri. This song presents a unique nuance with a touch of horror comedy music, and some parts of the song make us really like it. Anime In Specter / Kyokou Suiri itself tells about yokai, and several stories that contain mystery in it. The main character in this anime is named Kotoko Iwanaga, a girl in charge to protect the boundaries of the other world and the real world. Not only Kotoko Iwanaga, there is also the main male character who helps him, he is named Kurou Sakuragawa. Kurou has the ability to regenerate. Although it has elements of horror comedy, this anime is also serious and delicious anime for 2. Ami Sakaguchi - Lion (OST Opening Runway de Waratte / Smile Down the Runway) The song easy listening was placed on the second cell The follow up is a song by Ami Sakaguchi. Ami Sakaguchi performed a song called Lion for the opening song of the anime Runway de Waratte / Smile Down the Runway. This song presents a very soft nuance with a message not to give up even if you fail repeatedly, because ideals are something that must be fought for. Every part of the song is also very soft and nice to hear, guaranteed not to be disappointed! On the other hand, the Runway De Warette / Smile Down the Runway anime itself is also quite a unique anime with an unusual genre that not many people choose. This anime tells about things related to designers, models and fashion shows. Fans must watch it! because this anime is packaged nicely and not boring. 1. Chibaku Shōnen Band - No. 7 (OST Opening Toilet-bound Hanako-kun) The first line is the opening song of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun performed by Chibaku Shōnen Band with the title song \ No. 7 \. This song presents a rock genre that makes you certainly will be excited when you hear it. This is Mimin's favorite song, because every time you hear it, Mimin becomes enthusiastic and Mimin's heart is always shaking strongly with it. Anime Toilet-bound Hanako-kun itself tells about all the mysteries that exist in school. This anime presents a unique visual, which is certainly different from the others. Not only a mystery, this anime also has comedy elements that will certainly make you laugh (although not that much). So, those are the 5 best OSTs for Anime Winter 2020 chosen by Chapteria, from the 5 songs above, which one do you prefer?

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