Cells At Work! Season 2 Announced! Airs January 2021!

On Saturday (21/3/2020) Aniplex revealed a promotional video during a live broadcast of the \ Aniplex 48-Hour TV \ event on AbemaTV. The promotional video features a video footage from the anime Cells At Work !, based on information from the video, the anime Cells At Works! will continue to Season 2 which is scheduled to begin release and air in January 2021. The video can be seen below (uploaded by @hataraku_saibou): 「は た ら く 細胞 !!」 第 1 弾 PV 公開 ま た み ん な に 会 え る。 体内 細胞 擬 人 化 ア ニ メ第 2 期 、 開幕! 2021 年 1 月 か ら の TV 放送 を お 楽 し み に ✨ https://t.co/8wtCcZeRwh# は た ら く 細胞 # ア ニ プ レ ッ ク ス TV pic.twitter.com/FFtu_saibouhat March 21, 2020 In addition, the live stream also revealed that an anime film based on the story from volume 5 of the manga will premiere in theaters in Japan on September 5, 2020. The announcement states that the anime film will be screened in theaters before being shown on TV as part from the second season. The full title of the anime film Cells At Work! which will be released on September 5, 2020 in Japan are: Tokubetsu Jōei-ban \ Hataraku Saibō !! \ Saikyō no Teki, Futatabi. Karada no Naka wa \ Chō \ Ōsawagi! (Special Screening Edition: \ Cells at Work! \. The promotional video footage for the anime film Cells At Work can be seen below (uploaded by @hataraku_saibou): 特 報! 『特別 上映 版「 # は た ら く 細胞 !! 」最強 の 敵 、再 び。 体 の 中 は “腸” 大 騒 ぎ! 』2020 年 9 月 5 日 (土) よ り 劇場 上映 決定 TV ア ニ メ 第 2 期 の 中 で 描 れ る コ! 続 報 を お 見 逃 し な く! https: //t.co/wNCAVqRsfI# ア ニ プ レ ッ ク ス TV pic.twitter.com/DvpPcyYGBh - 『は た ら く 細胞』 公式 (@hataraku_ Worksaibou Cells 2 as new director for season 2 (and theatrical anime) at David Production. Yuuko Kakihara returns to write and oversee the series scripts. Takahiko Yoshida returns as character designer, and Kenichiro Suehiro of Mayuko returns to compose music. The anime will also feature a returning voice actor. fill in the voices of each character. Visual Cells At Work Season 2 can be seen below (in the visual there is also text information about the anime film: Cells At Work which will hit theaters in 2020): Visual Cells At Work! Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. This series tells about the features of the anthropomorphized cells of the human body.

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