Darwin's Game Episode 11 Indonesian Subtitles, Spoiler: Sudou Kaname Is Going Crazy With Other Members Of Sunset Ravens!

It doesn't feel like the Darwin's Game anime will soon reach its end for Season 1 in episode 11 this time. In the last episode of season 1, the Darwin's Game anime will present a fierce battle between two great clans, namely the Sunset Ravens led by Sudou Kaname against the Eighth Clan led by One. On this occasion, we will also share a few spoilers for what happened in Darwin's Game episode 11. For fans who don't mind spoilers, fans can immediately continue reading to find out what leaks exist, while for those who don't like spoilers, we recommend not to continue reading because this article will contain information regarding what happened in Darwin's Game episode 11 before the anime was broadcast. Spoilers for Darwin's Game Episode 11 Indonesian Subtitles: Sudou Kaname Goes Crazy with Other Sunset Ravens Members! Ryuuji and Kaname Knowing that One is not a person who has a heart like a human who can understand each other, Sudou Kaname completely changes his plan to a gruesome massacre story, and Ryuuji agrees to Kaname's firm decision and helps him, now they are really starting to think. Unlike Sudou Kaname who was usually hesitant to kill, this time Sudou Kaname would be shown really serious about killing. In fact, he unhesitatingly shot several of the Eighth's men who were then ready to shoot. Kaname will also show the development of his strength during training so far, it can be seen from his good movements and the use of sword and rifle sigil at the right time. Not wanting to be outdone, One then attacked Kaname with his teleportation sigil from behind, but once again Kaname and the others had known it would happen, and suddenly Shuka appeared and attacked One. One will be shown chasing Shuka and fighting him, but in this battle One will lose to Sigil Shuka's extraordinary ability. In fact, One will be torn apart. On the other hand, when One chased and followed Shuka, Kaname and Ryuuji were responsible for eliminating all of the Eighth's pups, even though they both managed to defeat them all. Sui / Souta and Rein watched them during the fight so that no intruders would interfere with the fight. Inukai, who almost lost against Keiichi, is saved by the victory of the Sunset Ravens. After the success of the Sunset Ravens against Eighth, now the Sunset Ravens have new territories and rules, and that is also being announced to all D-Game players. The notice goes something like this: Sunset Ravens Publicizing this to all Shibuya D-Game players, which was once the territory of Eighth, has now become the territory of the Full Sunset Ravens. Unauthorized D-Game players are prohibited from within the territory of the Sunset Ravens. Those who violate this provision will be punished on behalf of the chairman of the Sunset Ravens, Sudou Kaname. Darwin's Game Episode 11: Release Date Darwin's Game Episode 11 is scheduled for release on Friday, March 20, 2020 with the title Sunset Ravens, Indo Sub seems to be out on the same day or maybe on a Saturday morning. Note: Fans can find out the Darwin's Game anime story episode 11 in the Darwin's Game manga chapter 29.

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