6 Interesting Facts About Rope Relics In Tomb Raider King

For fans of the Tomb Raider King manhwa, fans must be familiar with the relic that Seo Joo-Heon now owns, namely Rope. Rope is a fairly prominent relic where he is often used by Seo Joo-Heon in his various adventures. In fact, without any orders, this relic is also able to help its master on its own initiative you know! What an amazing and loyal relic, right? As the title implies, on this occasion, we will discuss about interesting facts about this relic called rope. Immediately, here are interesting facts about the Rope relic in Tomb Raider King! 1. Rope was originally owned by Abe Kiyoshi. Rope was originally a relic owned by Abe Kiyoshi, a relic digger from Japan, who worked with TKBM. After his meeting with Seo Joo-Heon, Abe experienced the unlucky fate where he finally lost the relic, wrong one is a rope relic (As the name suggests, this relic is a rope) .2. Rope relic comes from Korean folklore. This relic comes from a Korean folk tale entitled "The Brother and Sister Who Became the Sun and the Moon." It tells of a tiger who kills his mother to get more rice cakes. . And finally tried to kill the brothers, but they were saved by a rope that fell from heaven. 3. The most loyal relic to Seo Joo-HeonRope is the most loyal relic of Seo Joo-Heon. Whatever orders from his master, Rope immediately obeyed. Not only that, when his master was in danger, without even being ordered, he immediately protected him on his own initiative. Not afraid of other relics whose level is above this Relic is not tied or doesn't really care about the rank or rank of other relics. In fact, Rope bravely fought Jin Chae Won's top tier relic, Gluttony relic, which is one of the highest leaders of the artifact. 5. The first relic that was introduced was able to rank up After becoming a relic that was loyal to its master, the rope that was originally a rank C relic changed to Rank B, its appearance turned silver. After daring to oppose the highest leader of the artifact, Gluttony Relic, the Rope evolved. again from what was originally Rank B to rank S. When he became rank S, Rope's appearance turned golden color. With this, Rope is a relic that was first introduced to be able to level up in the story, even up to twice. Has an adorable human form change So loyal, Rope wants to always be close to his master. Therefore, he tried to do anything for him. Due to the profocation of Daji's relics, Rope wanted to become a human so that his master would always be happy with him. Even though rank S, rope was not pure rank S, so he could not turn into a human at first, so he did not However, thanks to the help of his relic friends, Worm and Seth, Rope is finally able to transform into a human by using a pearl shell relic whose history was taken from a mermaid who turned into a human. turns out to be very beautiful, funny and adorable. Those are 6 interesting facts about Rope in Tomb Raider King. Also read: Beautiful! This is the Human Form of the Crow Relic of Seo Joo-Heon in Tomb Raider King

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