Rika And Yuka (sniper Mask) Are Siblings! - Tenkuu Shinpan

This surprising fact was finally revealed in the Tenkuu Shinpan series or also known as High Rise Invasion. For fans who don't know about it, fans don't need to worry because in this article we will discuss it. As the title implies, Rika Honjo or better known as Yuri Honjo's older brother turns out to be. is the sibling of Sniper Mask with the real name Yuka Makoto! To be precise, Yuka Makoto is Rika's older brother. For your information, Rika's name was Rika Makoto. Since Rika was adopted by the Honjo family, she finally had her full name Rika Honjo and lived as the older brother of Yuri Honjo, the main protagonist in the Tenkuu Shinpan series. which includes Yuka and Rika, it's just that Yuka offers suggestions as well as other options that she considers a cooler way for them to take. Yuka feels that she and her sister will not depend on each other if they choose this option. Therefore, each of them will slowly become a strong person with their own life while apart. Hearing this suggestion and choice, Honjo's father who was listening finally appreciated the decision they had made until finally only Rika was adopted by the family. Honjo while his brother seems to have been adopted by another family. In addition, since the appearance of the mysterious tower that exists in the present world, they have finally met again even though it is in reality in the world or the High-Rise realm. Not happiness, their initial meeting was quite sad where Yuka turned out to be controlled by the Smiling Mask program who had extraordinary skills as a sniper. Because of that, he is now known as the Sniper Mask. After a crack in his mask, the Sniper Mask, whose consciousness was initially controlled, finally slowly began to be able to control it. Over time, he was finally able to meet his younger brother again. Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan Revealed, Turns Out Really Handsome!

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