The Face Of The Sniper Mask In Tenkuu Shinpan Was Revealed, It Turns Out To Be Really Handsome!

As the story progresses, Yuri is told to meet a Smiling Mask wearer who is called a Sniper Mask considering that he is equipped with firearms and extraordinary shooting abilities like a sniper. In the story, Yuri has been shown twice facing a Sniper Mask who told as an opponent at first. When the mask worn by the Sniper Mask slightly cracked, it turned out to be in his favor where he slowly began to gain consciousness even though his memory was still a little vague. In addition, thanks to his meeting with Kuon, Sniper Mask is now on the same side with Yuri and others. They together want to destroy the system in the High-Rise realm and stop the mask-wearing masks who kill humans sent there. Talking about the Sniper Mask, it turns out that behind his mask, he has a pretty handsome face. More fans can see him below: As fans have seen above, he is shown to have a wound under his left eye, even though he still looks handsome and doesn't lose his cool side. Apart from his face, other interesting facts related to him slowly It has also been revealed in detail in the manga, which includes his name and past which turns out to be related to Yuri's brother. Also read: Sniper Mask's real name and a glimpse of his past revealed - Tenkuu Shinpan

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