Yuri Honjo And Rika Honjo Are Not Siblings And Are Not Related By Blood - Tenkuu Shinpan

On this occasion, we will discuss about characters who are certainly familiar fans. This character is Yuri Honjo! Yuri Honjo is the main protagonist in the Tenkuu Shinpan series or also known as the High Rise Invasion. Since he accidentally saw a tower that suddenly appeared in his present world, without his knowledge he was finally sent to a strange world that referred to as the High-Rise realm where every building is connected via a bridge. In this strange world, he saw various unorthodox horrific things where a Smiling Mask figure was chasing humans and killing them. In fact, the horror was also experienced by Yuri herself, which made her inevitably keep running to avoid this figure. Also read: The face of the Sniper Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan Revealed, Turns Out So Handsome! the. Apart from Yuri, it turns out that her older sister Rika Honjo was also sent there after seeing a suspicious tower appear in their normal world. Rika also advised Yuri not to panic or end herself by committing suicide considering that when she died, everything really ended because this was not an illusion or a dream. Because that was the case, Yuri finally believed her brother's words. Oh yes, talking about Yuri's older sister named Rika Honjo, it turns out that she is not her real brother because in fact Rika doesn't have blood ties to Yuri or the Honjo family. Why is that? Because Yuri Honjo's sister, Rika, is a child adopted from another family who has died. Before having the name Rika Honjo, Yuri's older sister named Rika Makoto. Rika Makoto himself is the younger brother of Yuka Makoto, and Yuka Makoto is a Smiling Mask user who has the expertise as a sniper until he is finally dubbed the Sniper Mask. end, especially in the manga, Yuri finally realized this. In fact, he even mentioned his older brother with the full name of the old family, Rika Makoto. Also read: 4 Types of Mask (Mask) in Tenkuu Shinpan

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