Here Are The 5 Default Commands For Certain Masks In Tenkuu Shinpan

Since this series began, Tenkuu Shinpan or also known as High-Rise Invasion presents a scary phenomenon where masked people hunt ordinary humans to be killed sadistically. Even though it seems quite scary, sometimes the hunt is not because of the willingness of mask users. itself. Some mask users, especially ordinary Smiling Mask, are forced to hunt and chase humans because of the commands contained in the mask. For humans who accidentally find a Smiling Mask that has not been used, and see the back, they automatically will be manipulated by the mask and inevitably they become part of the Smiling Mask wearer and attack people, especially those weak humans, who have just landed in the High-Rise realm. As information, there are some innate commands contained in Certain mask in Tenkuu Shinpan, whatever it is ? 1. Despair Command (Command of Despair) The command of Despair aims to tell the wearer to cause despair in humans so that those who are attacked by wearing masks will lose hope and want to commit suicide by jumping from the top of a tall building. In essence, this command aims to give despair to the target so that they want to kill self. This command is usually contained in the Smiling Mask wearer. If someone intends to commit suicide, a mask wearing mask will not kill them or allow them (the target) to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the building. After the target jumps from the top of the building, the Smiling Mask user will see it to make sure they really have jump and die. 2. Murder Command When the 'Order of Despair' does not work, the mask will receive another command, the Murder Command. This command is only active when humans show no sign of despair or are about to jump from the top of the building. In general, the Murder Command usually appears for Smiling Mask users. However, this command is sometimes also found in the Angry Mask. It's just that Angry Mask is more selective and can freely act according to his own consciousness or ignore certain points. It can be said that Angry Mask only kills those who approach God (almost become God) and threaten the High Rise realm according to the duties of the administrator. . Suicide Command (Suicide Command) When the wearer of the mask takes off their mask for a long time or when their mask is broken, the 'Suicide Command' is activated which makes them inevitably end their life by committing suicide. In the story, this command is shown. only active on Smiling Mask users. Even so, there are several solutions so that they can be saved from the Suicide Order. What are the solutions? One way is to allow them to be manipulated or freed by Faceless Mask users. 4. Hibernate Command In case of a broken mask where multiple commands overlap and fail to work, and the user becomes uncontrollable by refusing, Hibernation is forcibly executed. This gradually suspends the live activities of the wearer to kill it within two weeks. This is a mandatory program to remove disabled Angels. The Hibernation Command applies to Smiling Mask users, and not to Angry Masks. Even if the Angry Mask masks are destroyed, they will not receive a Hibernation Order or a Suicide Order. 5. Protect Command Unlike the Smiling Mask wearer who regularly attacks humans viciously. The Angry Mask will not attack a human unless they sense their hostility or life's effort activating the Command of Protection, the command to kill that human. Not only that, the Protection Order will also activate when there are people who are close to god (almost becoming gods) in the High-Rise Realm. Because of the Administrator's fear, they will usually be given this order to protect the High-Rise realm and kill them. Therefore, Angry Mask users are also called Guardian Angels. Also read: 4 Types of Masks in Tenkuu Shinpan

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