Sniper Mask's Real Name And A Glimpse Of His Past Are Revealed - Tenkuu Shinpan

After fans know the true face of the Sniper Mask in Tenkuu Shinpan, fans must also be curious about his real name and past. Yaps! Behind the mask, the Sniper Mask turns out to have a real name and a past that is related to Yuri's sister Rika Honjo. Oh yes, apart from being called the Sniper Mask, he is also sometimes referred to as Mr. Sniper (sniper master) by Kuon, the person closest to him in the High-Rise realm. After Kuon Shinzaki's \ death, Sniper Mask finally received power from him and became one of the candidates who approached god (became god) and helped Yuri and the others in destroying the ruthless system that exists in the High-Rise realm. Meanwhile, the real name of Sniper Mask / Mr. Sniper is also revealed! Sniper Mask's real name is Yuka Makoto. He is the older brother of Rika Honjo. Very surprising, isn't it? To discuss their past a little, Rika is actually the adopted sister of the Honjo family, that's why Rika ended up becoming Yuri Honjo's older sister. That said, Rika and Yuri didn't have any blood ties. Rika's family name before adoption was Rika Makoto. He is the younger brother of Yuka Makoto (Sniper Mask). Both of them actually want to be adopted by the Honjo family, it's just that Yuka has another decision which she considers the coolest choice where she chooses a path that is more difficult than easy, where they can become strong without depending on each other. Respecting their decision, Honjo's father ended up just adopting Rika as a new member of his family, while Yuka was adopted by another family. Until now they stick to their life in a cool way (in a cool way) considering that the choice they both made to be strong together. After being separated, they finally met again in the realm of High-Rise. (Also read: 4 Types of Mask (Mask) in Tenkuu Shinpan

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