Go Toubun No Hanayome Gets A Puzzle Game Adaptation For Smartphones

Last Wednesday (27/5/2020) the anime Go Toubun no Hanayome or also known as The Quintessential Quintuplets received a game adaptation for smartphones.
This is the first smartphone game adaptation for Go Toubun no Hanayome.
This puzzle game for smartphones is titled \ Gotōbun no Hanayome Itsutsugo-chan wa Puzzle o Gotōbun Dekinai. \ This game is scheduled to launch for iOS and Android this year, 2020. A promotional video to promote this game has also been uploaded on Youtube.
Fans can watch it below: Enish who developed this puzzle game for smartphones with an original story.
The voice actors (seiyuu) for the triplets will fill in the voices of their respective characters for this smartphone game.
Source: The official website of the puzzle game for the Go Toubun no Hanayome smartphone.

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