Grand Blue Dreaming Live-action Is Postponed! This Is The Cause!

On Friday (3/4/2020) The official website for the Live-Action \ Grand Blue Dreaming \ film adaptation announced important information that the Grand Blue Dreaming Live-Action, which is scheduled to officially release on May 29, 2020, was finally announced to be postponed. The adaptation of the Live Action Grand Blue Dreaming film is postponed The reason for the delay in the Live-Action film adaptation is due to concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus disease that has spread throughout the world. After the announcement of the postponement, the site has not announced any new information regarding the successor's release date. The Grand Blue Dreaming Live-Action film centers on Iori Kitahara, a new student who wants her ideal life at the University she takes, but in reality, on the contrary, she is trapped in a unique and unexpected daily life with her new friends, which it made him inevitably have to go with the flow. Not only that, he couldn't help but join a diving club called Peek a Boo. Although at first he seemed to refuse, he slowly got used to it and enjoyed it. his crazy life with his unique friends was funny and interesting. The cast of the Grand Blue Dreaming Live-Action film adaptation include: Ryo Ryusei as Iori Kitahara Atsuhiro Inukai as Kohei Imamura Member of Nogizaka46 namely Yūki Yoda as Chisa Kotegawa Aya Asahina as Nanaka Kotegawa (Chisa Kotegawa's older brother) Japanese gravure idol, Yūka Ogura as Azusa Hamaoka Ren Ishikawa as Aina Yoshiwara Masahiro Takashima as Toshio Kotegawa (Father of Chisa and Nanaka). Tsutomu Hanabusa will be the director for the Live-Action adaptation of the Grand Blue Dreaming film with production companies \ THEFOOL, \ and Warner Bros. Japan which distributes. Sumika will perform the theme song for the Live-Action adaptation of the Grand Blue Dreaming film entitled \ Zekkyou Serenade \. Source: Grand Blue Dreaming Live-Action Official Website

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