Violet Evergarden The Movie 2020 Launches New Visual Featuring Violet And Gilbert! April 2020 Release!

On Wednesday (18/3/2020) the official Violet Evergarden Twitter account began uploading the latest visuals for movies or films that are planned to air this year. Violet Evergarden the Movie 2020 Uniquely in the visual this time, there is an old character who has been considered dead appears in the visual, this character is a man Violet had hoped for, namely Gilbert Bougainvillea. In the visual, the two of them are shown on the beach. Gilbert stood directly behind Violet and faced the back. Since the visual featured Gilbert, fans welcomed him warmly considering Gilbert Bougainvillea was still alive. Even so, the two of them haven't been shown meeting, especially in the anime itself. Most likely, their fight will take place in the latest movie. This has also been alluded to in the promotional video and the visual which briefly features Gilbert's figure indirectly. Violet Evergarden the Movie is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters on April 24, 2020, possibly in Indonesian theaters if there are no obstacles. The novel Violet Evergarden itself is rumored to end on March 27, 2020. The novel will be titled Violet Evergarden Ever After. The following illustration will be the cover of Violet Evergarden Light novel Aver After: Violet Evergarden Ever After cover In the illustration above, Violet Evergarden is standing under a Sakura tree and enjoying the atmosphere there. Interestingly, Violet, who is rarely shown smiling, finally smiled on the cover of the Light novel Violet Evergarden Ever After this time, as if she had found what she had been looking for, and the search ended happily. Source: Violet Evergarden Official Twitter Account

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