Voices Of 'nezuko' Kimetsu No Yaiba Are Releasing Their Second New Single! What Does It Sound Like ?! Let's Listen Together!

The voice actor for Kamado Nezuko in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) anime, Akari Kito, finally launched his second single which contains the latest 6 songs (3 with vocal versions, and 3 with instrumental versions). The second single is titled 'Desire Again' as the title of the first tracklist on his second single. The 6 tracklists in Akari Kito's second single include: 1. Desire Again (tracklist 1) 2. Tiny Light (tracklist 2) 3. Closer (tracklist 3) 4. Desire Again (tracklist 5 - Instrumental) 5. Tiny Light ( tracklist 6 - Instrumental) 6. Closer (tracklist 7 - Instrumental) His second solo single \ Desire Again \ will be released on February 26, 2020. The three songs (preview versions) that contain vocals in the second single by Akari Kito have also been streamed for free. via Youtube, fans can listen to and watch in full below (the video also displays tracklist information for their second single. For the first tacklist entitled Desire Again in the form of a short video clip): Akari Kito's song \ Tiny Light \ (tracklist 2) This itself will later become the ending theme song or ending theme song (OST Ending) for the anime Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun which has started airing since January 9, 2020. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun As additional information, Ak ari Kito also voiced a character named Nene Yashiro in the anime Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun. Nene Yashiro is the female lead in the anime. Back to the main info, here is the appearance of the CD Cover for Akari Kito's second single (Limited and Standard versions): First press limited edition CD jacket (Limited Edition) Standard edition (Standard Edition) Previously, Akari Kito has released his first single, \ Swinging Heart \. Just like the second single, the first single also consists of 6 songs (3 with vocals, 3 instrumental), along with the tracklist for the first single: 1. Swinging Heart 2. Dear My Distance 3. Always Going My Way 4. Swinging Heart (Instrumental) 5 Dear My Distance (Instrumental) 6. Always Going My Way (Instrumental) Source: Akari Kito's official website, Crunchyroll

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