Anime Babylon Episode 12 Presents 7 Unexpected Things! Evil Wins, Ai Magase Is Still Alive!

Babylon episode 12 has finally been released and brings unexpected things at the end of the story. Babylon is an anime produced by Revoroot and has a total of 12 aired episodes. This anime is based on the novel written by Mado Nozaki and illustrated by Zain. Apart from anime, this novel has also been adapted into a manga which was released since 2019. This time, in the anime Babylon episode 12 itself, fans are presented with unexpected things that are very surprising! What are they? 1. Crime Wins, Ai Magase Is Still Alive Ai Magase Most anime whose stories are related to good and evil, are usually always won by good with the main protagonist. However, unlike in this anime, in the anime Babylon episode 12, the story shown is won by crime with the antagonist who is still alive and free to roam. Maybe, this anime is really based on facts in real life where sometimes goodness can't win against evil either. 2. The fate of the main protagonist who is still a mystery of Zen Seizaki. Even so, there are still some strange things that certainly make fans curious. One of them is what is the fate of Zen Seizaki as the protagonist? Even though at the end of the story he is shown pointing his gun at Ai Magase. However, had he been affected and then committed suicide? hmm .. until now no one knows the answer. The possibility of Zen Seizaki surviving even existed if Zen Seizaki did not kill himself fatally. Not only that, the fate of the president of the United States, Alexander W. Wood, after being shot by Zen Seizaki when he was about to commit suicide is also unknown, maybe Zen didn't shoot his vital point. 3. What is Kindness? What is Crime? Puzzle Questions what is good? what is evil? At that time, Ai Magase asked Zen Seizaki about \ What is goodness (Justice)? \, Zen answered \ Something to continue and think about \ After that, Ai Magase nodded sweetly like he really understood something. Then, Ai Magase asked once again, then \ what is a crime? \, Zen Seizaki answered \ Something to be stopped / ended \ * When answering the answer he slightly turned his face. Is that when he started to be affected ?! Is he aware of something that actually makes him a bad person? then, Ai Magase uttered \ bang! \ the shot sounded. It is still unknown whether Zen Seizaki shot Ai Magase or shot himself. When viewed from the still alive Ai Magase, could it be that Zen Seizaki shot himself? or maybe there is another plot twist where he was shot from another direction? wow. 4. The Unrequited Revenge of Zen Seizaki's Friends of Fighting Hiasa Sekuro, Fumio, Kujiin As is well known, Zen Seizaki's friends have long been investigating suicides, including with Ai Magase as influencing people to commit suicide. . Most of Zen's friends have died due to the influence of Ai Magase, such as Fumio who hangs himself, Shinobu Kujiin who shot his own head gun and several other members who were affected. However, the most sad thing is Hiasa Sekuro's death, he was not influenced by Ai Magase, but he was killed by him in a sadistic way. This is also what makes Zen Seizaki very depressed and grudges against Ai Magase. 5. From another point of view, Zen Seizaki is even considered the villain Ai Magase said that Zen Seizaki did bad things.From another point of view, if this is not straightened out, Zen Seizaki will be considered the criminal for shooting the president (because many do not know why Zen Seizaki shot the president at that time). Not only that, the shooting was also broadcast on a tv show, which Zen Seizaki's wife also saw. Wow, will it be auto divorce later ?! pity if his wife is widowed 6. Ai Magase meets Zen Seizaki's son Zen Seizaki's son meets Ai Magase At the end of the episode, Ai Magase is shown meeting his son Zen Seizaki. At that time, Ai Magase got off the bus and accidentally his hat flew away in the wind, and that's when his son took his hat and gave it to Ai Magase. So what will happen next? Does Ai Magase know that the child is Zen Seizaki's son ?! 7. It seems that there will be a season 2 considering the story that ends with a strange anime Babylon Season 2 Because of the many gaps and gaps in the anime Babylon episode 12, it seems the story will still continue. The novel written by Mado Nozaki and illustrated by Zain seems to be presenting a follow-up story at a later time. After that, hopefully it will be adapted into anime again. What do you think about the Babylon Episode 12 anime?

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