Can Adapt Anime, Chainsaw Man Trending On Twitter!

After finishing serialization in the 2nd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the Chainsaw Man manga was finally announced to have an anime adaptation. Unmitigated, the animation studio that previously worked on the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, The God of Highschool, and Attack on Titan: The Final The season, MAPPA, was announced to be working on the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation project. Read also: Part 2 Manga Chainsaw Man Continues in Shonen Jump + Knowing this, fans are very enthusiastic again considering they have been waiting for the Chainsaw Man manga series to become an anime for a long time. Since it was confirmed This manga became an anime, on Wednesday (9/12/2020), Chainsaw Man finally became a hot topic, aka trending topics on Twitter. Screenshot on Wednesday (9/12/2020) at 20:47: About Chainsaw ManChainsaw Man is a manga series that written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Fujimoto began serializing the manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Shueisha since December Buckets 2018. Manga Chainsaw Man part 1 finished serialization in the 2nd issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine along with the announcement of an anime adaptation. Part 2 of the manga Chainsaw Man will resume in Shonen Jump +. Also read: Chainsaw Man Gets Anime Adaptation! The following is the detailed information