Illustrator Act-age Releases New One-shot Manga! This Is The Title

The manga artist and illustrator who is famous for his previous manga work entitled Act-Age, Shiro Usazaki, has finally announced that he will return to work by releasing a new one-shot manga chapter. The one-shot manga is titled \ Flame-Eyed Cyclops \, in collaboration with a writer named Ritake Ishikawa. The one-shot Flame-Eyed Cyclops manga is planned to be released in a combined 3/4 edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As additional information as well as explanation so as not to misunderstand, Shiro Usazaki was previously an illustrator alias illustrator of manga illustrations from the Act-Age series, meanwhile Tatsuya Matsuki as the author. Read also: 4 Misfortune of Act-Age writer 'Tatsuya Matsuki' Remembering that Tatsuya Matsuki stumbled on problems related to harassment until he was finally detained by the police, inevitably the Act-Age manga series ended up forcibly terminated with a very hanging story. So , the conclusion was that there were two mangaka who worked on the Act-Age manga series, namely Tatsu ya Matsuki (who was detained by the police) as a writer and Shiro Usazaki as an illustrator. We hope that fans don't mistake Shiro or equate him as Matsuki considering that they are two different people. Shiro is a genius illustrator with an extraordinary drawing style. You could say, he still has A very bright future as a professional mangaka. Shiro's return to work is a good step to start his career as a mangaka again. Let's look forward to a one-shot manga titled Flame-Eyed Cyclops, which is a collaboration between Shiro Usazaki as an illustrator and Ritake Ishikawa as writer in the upcoming 3/4 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Also read: Chainsaw Man Gets Anime Adaptation! The following is detailed information Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine